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Who Is Jon Paul Cirelli?

Jon Paul Cirelli is the founder and CEO of Pivot Professional Partners, a real estate investment firm based in Miami, Florida. Jon Paul is experienced in financial advisory and real estate. His research-driven comprehensive financial planning solutions enable Pivot Professional Partners to provide actionable and personalized recommendations to clients across financial planning disciplines.

Jon Paul believes that to help clients build a stable investment portfolio, it is important to know where the best investment opportunities are and how to plan and align them to meet their retirement savings and wealth management goals.

Comprehensive Financial Advisory Expertise

Jon Paul Cirelli oversees Pivot Professional Partners' Delaware statutory trust (DST) advisory services for high-worth regular (non-exchange) investors and those seeking qualifying replacement property for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. He also provides tailored investment and retirement planning and portfolio management services for clients that overcome eras of high energy and food costs which is what we are experiencing now.

Whether a client's goal is college education funding, estate planning, wealth preservation, retirement income distribution, asset protection (or a combination of these), Jon Paul uses his experience to provide cutting-edge strategies enduring value ensures every client often saving them tens of thousands of dollars using IRC Section 1031. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

Results-Driven Wealth Management Services

Jon Paul's focus is on you and your financial stability. Jon Paul believes advice and planning should go well beyond standard asset allocation and segregation. It's about your whole life and managing the financial complexities that come with it.

Jon Paul is passionate about developing long-term business relationships by delivering wealth management services that are scalable and fluid enough to meet his client's changing investment needs.

Jon Paul ensures every client receives proactive services. Jon Paul covers all areas of financial planning, including pension planning, investment advice, estate planning, and tax planning strategies. His specialized focus area is alternative investments and tax deferral strategies involving 1031 exchanges and occasionally 1033 Exchanges depending on client needs.

Setting the Bar in Financial Investment Advice Services

Jon Paul has led several projects to grow Pivot Professional Partners while serving at its helm. These have included starting private equity solutions, leading Pivot Professional Partners to offer financial solutions targeted at millennials, and developing several business groups focusing on client demographics.

To improve decision-making, client experience, and productivity, he has also promoted greater formalization of investment processes and led the adoption of new procedures with digital planning. Jon Paul also oversees the company's efforts to limit investment portfolios' tax liabilities and counsels clients on charitable giving.

Industry Leading 1031 Exchange Advisory Specialist

Jon Paul has succeeded in asset management, retirement planning, and tax deferral techniques. According to Jon Paul, financial planning is a continuous process that helps you manage your money to reach your goals.

1031 Exchange Investment Strategies Tailored to Client Needs

Jon Paul Cirelli co-founded Fortitude Investment Group, his previous firm, in 2005. Since then, he has moved from strength to strength, building on his passion for various facets of investment planning and deep knowledge of tax deferral strategies. But Jon Paul's insatiable thirst to do more in the field drove him to form Pivot Professional Partners in 2020.

Since then, he has developed an outstanding reputation for partnering with his firm's investment clients to build tailored 1031 Exchange investment strategies. Jon Paul regularly shares his knowledge with investors, property owners, and real estate attorneys through various avenues.

Things That Have Made Jon Paul Cirelli What He is Today

Jon Paul Cirelli graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester with a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Dual Major in Business Administration and Spanish, and a minor in International Business.

Jon Paul's passion reflects in his firm's work culture and how the Pivot Professional Partners' team serves its clients. Jon Paul values each team member by embracing their experiences, diverse talents, and perspectives.

Seasoned 1031 Exchange Investment Advisor

Jon Paul Cirelli doesn't rest on his achievements; he believes his clients' successes are his own. His hands-on approach, in-depth understanding of TIC investments, direct sales tax (DST), and 1031 exchange processes bolstered by his customer-centric approach help provide his clients the value they seek. He has helped numerous commercial and investment real estate owners defer capital gains taxes on their property sales, often saving them tens of thousands of dollars using IRC Section 1031.

Jon Paul is operating in the current Delaware Statutory Trust and 1031 Exchange investment space today. One of Jon Paul's gifts is his ability to understand each client's long-term investment goals, unique situation, and risk tolerance and navigate an efficient solution for each client's 1031 Exchanges.

Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground With His Eyes on the Horizon

Jon Paul Cirelli is a licensed broker, and as mentioned, he maintains his Series 7 and Series 63 registrations. He also has life, Health, Accident, and Real Estate licenses. His knowledge of the investment field and objective, sound advice provide a solid foundation for his client's investment decisions and planning strategies.

Understanding what is most important to the client helps build trust, a long-lasting connection, and a solid working relationship that deepens over the years. When you work with Jon Paul Cirelli and his team, your investment plan is unique to you, well-thought-out, and designed for the long term.

The Person Behind the Professional

Jon Paul Cirelli was a formidable professional lacrosse player in his youth, giving many skilled players a run for their money. He was also awarded the Lax Foundation's Block N Award, an honor exclusively for dedicated, enduring, and determined athletes. He intersperses his busy schedule with various activities, including deep-sea fishing and golf. When he isn't hitting a hole-in-one on the greens, you will find Jon Paul deeply involved in various charitable events in Jupiter, FL.

An Unstoppable Thirst for Excellence

Jon Paul Cirelli has built Pivot Professional Partners to address the diverse needs of our clientele. Jon Paul believes the firm's largest and smallest clients deserve his full attention. He delivers attentiveness with insight and guidance tailored to your unique objectives and challenges. Pivot Professional Partners takes the time to get to know your long-term goals and values, carefully crafting investment plans that support the sound and sustainable future you’re working toward. Jon Paul is unstoppable in his pursuit of excellence and diversification and is always open to new business ideas and avenues.

While he does not deviate from his focus on the firm's current services, he harbors plans to expand into the restaurant and hospitality industry. Wealth building must be a steady and well-measured process, and Jon Paul is unstoppable in his pursuit of growing his investments. His keen business sense is a potent combination helping him steer his clients with well-planned investment approaches.

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