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Pivot’s experienced Team Is Committed to Your Successful 1031 Exchange

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First, by answering a few easy questions regarding your exchange, we’ll determine if you qualify for an exchange using 1031 DST/TIC properties.

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Once your account is created, login anytime through our safe and secure online platform to peruse our inventory of 1031 investments with the use of our robust library of nationally reputed sponsors.

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To ensure success in facilitating 1031 exchanges, we believe you should partner with an experienced team with decades of experience in the industry. Because education and personalized service matter, we commit to providing each client exceptional care to facilitate the entire exchange process.

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The 1031 Exchange process can be confusing, and if it isn’t completed correctly, there can be some costly consequences. Because of this, we are committed to helping you facilitate a successful exchange to help achieve your objectives.

Bryson Blackwell

Registered Representative

(480) 447-6160

Bryson comes from a family of real estate and business-minded entrepreneurs that are self-driven. With over 20 years of family experience in real estate, he naturally took a step forward and fell in love with real estate and finance....

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Jon Paul Cirelli


(561) 444-3371

With almost two decades of experience in the financial industry, Jon Paul enjoys helping others obtain and maintain financial confidence. As CEO and Co-Founder of Pivot Professional Partners, he enjoys...

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