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To ensure success in facilitating 1031 exchanges, we believe you should partner with an experienced team with decades of experience in the industry. Because education and personalized service matter, we commit to providing each client exceptional care to facilitate the entire exchange process.

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At Pivot Professional Partners, we specialize in 1031 TIC (Tenants in Common Investments) and 1031 (Delaware Statutory Trust) exchange advisory services. We aim to work closely with clients and find solutions that help them defer capital gains taxes while meeting their investment objectives. With us in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that you are taking appropriate steps in the right direction with your property exchange deal.

1031 Exchange Requirements

Rental properties, second houses, multiple properties, and office building properties are all eligible for the 1031 exchange, while personal dwellings are not. In addition to these guidelines, the owner of the investment property must meet four 1031 exchange conditions to qualify for a tax benefit:

  • The market worth of the replacement investment property needs to be at least as high as the property's value to be sold.
  • Money from the sale of the relinquished property must be put toward the down payment or closing costs for the replacement property in an "all or nothing" exchange.
  • The sold asset and the replacement property must be of 'Like-Kind.' You can trade business real estate for commercial properties or exchange residential rental properties for other residential rental properties.
  • A 1031 property exchange should take place within the timeframe of about six months. The investor has 45 days from the initial property transaction to identify a potential replacement property, and they must purchase it within 180 days. Due to this, a 1031 exchange is sometimes referred to as a "delayed exchange."

What is Involved in the 1031 Exchange Process?

Sellers can defer paying capital gains tax if they reinvest the sale profits in "like-kind" property, defined as a piece of real estate with a comparable use and value. You won't have any capital gains if you do not receive exchange funds from the sold property transaction, meaning the transaction does not yield any financial profit; this is the concept underlying a 1031 exchange. The steps to making it a reality are outlined here:

Determine Which Real Estate You'll be Buying and Selling

The first thing to do is to determine which property you'll sell and identify replacement property options. To be considered "like-kind property," the assets to be exchanged must be for investment purposes just like your prior holdings. This is what will qualify for like-kind in the eyes of the IRS.

Pick a Qualified and Trustworthy Intermediary

Once you've decided to go through with a 1031 exchange, you'll need to engage a competent intermediary. There are many to choose from and one question you always want to ask the potential QI is are they bonded and up to what dollar amount. Choose your certified intermediary prudently to avoid financial losses, missed deadlines, and front-loading of tax obligations.

Report the Deal to the Internal Revenue Service

Finally, you must also include IRS Form 8824 in your tax return to inform the IRS of your transaction. On it, you will detail the properties, mention the timeframe, identify the parties involved, and tally the costs. The real estate asset you sell and the replacement property must fulfill certain conditions. As mentioned, you will need a Qualified Intermediary, to handle the 1031 exchange modalities.

Work With the Best Qualified Intermediaries

Real estate investors can benefit from a 1031 exchange in many ways, including the ability to defer capital gains tax liabilities while expanding their portfolio and purchasing other investment properties. As a full-service 1031 Exchange advisor, Pivot Professional Partners has a proven track record of success in providing guidance through exchange services.

Our strategic property exchange processes help protect our client's interests while offering them a seamless experience during their property exchange deal. We provide customized real estate asset investment advice on combining traditional wealth management and ownership, helping property owners achieve their financial objectives.

We study the real estate syndication market, complete due diligence on the offerings, and advise clients depending on their objectives and level of comfort with risk. Our 1031 Advisors are 1031 exchange experts that can assist you in diversifying your holdings with 1031 Exchange Replacement Property and other alternative real estate investments.

End-To-End 1031 Exchange Advisory Services by Pivot Professional Partners

Successfully navigating the 1031 Exchange process can be complicated. You need to find 1031 exchange experts who can provide you with the right advice and support. We are one of the few integrated 1031 Exchange advisory companies that will walk you through all the essential elements of the process and help you achieve your goals.

Our team of highly knowledgeable licensed 1031 Exchange Advisors will work with you to decide whether a 1031 Exchange is the best option for you. They will then carefully help you select the replacement properties that best suit your needs in terms of both requirements and finances.

Is a 1031 Exchange the right choice? Find out by scheduling a consultation with the Pivot Professional Partners’ team through this Contact Us form. If you prefer to discuss your exchange transaction requirements regarding the 1031 Exchange process over the phone, feel free to speak with our experts at (561) 444-3371.

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