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One Of The Leading 1031 Exchange Companies  

Pivot Professional Partners is a Miami, FL-based 1031 Exchange Advisory Firm serving many clients across the country. With Jon Paul Cirelli (CEO and Founder) at the helm, the Pivot Professional Partner’s team helps clients build and maintain their alternate investments portfolio. Jon Paul has the necessary securities licenses in more than 28 states, allowing him to conduct business in the real estate sector across most of the contiguous United States. 

Trusted 1031 Exchange Advisory Services

Our company focuses on 1031 Exchanges, DST, and TIC investment solutions for accredited investors, with a net worth of over $1M, a joint income of around $300,000 annually, and a single income above $200,000 annually. Pivot Professional Partners’ expertise spans tax deferral strategies, retirement, strategic property exchanges, and estate planning.

Investing in real estate can be a compelling choice for your financial health, as well as a great estate planning tool. A well-chosen real estate investment and property exchange option can provide a hedge against inflation and an excellent return on capital. No one understands this better than the seasoned advisory team at Pivot Professional Partners. Our active and passive investment solutions help clients build confidence in their choices while creating a stable foundation for financial stability, now and for the future.

Unbiased Advice on 1031 Exchanges

Under Jon Paul's leadership, our investment experts work closely with clients considering 1031 Exchanges. We are committed to helping you navigate your 1031 exchange confidently. Our knowledgeable team takes the time to understand your situation and get to know you so they can suggest and implement the investments and strategies that work best for you.

The 1031 Exchange can be a powerful investment vehicle for those who own investment real estate or are considering buying property to increase their wealth significantly. Our unbiased advice and personalized service help our clients complete their 1031 exchanges using DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) as well as Tenant in commons for their replacement properties.

How Pivot Professional Partners Safeguards Client Interests

Stringent timeframes and complex tax rules require expertise and knowledge to navigate. But with the Pivot Professional Partners’ team to guide you through the process, you’re in good hands. The value we bring to you stems mainly from the custom due diligence procedure we've developed for our clients.

Rather than blindly accepting every available 1031 replacement property on the market, we prioritize safeguarding our client's interests. Our team has extensive knowledge of alternative investment products, and we follow a structured due diligence process. We dive deep into the investments—going beyond the sales pitches and marketing materials, before recommending investment properties for 1031 Exchange.

We Adopt a Thorough Approach

Although there is no foolproof method to eliminate risk, we spend considerable time, money, and effort making sure our approach is thorough and efficient. We are confident that this strategy will benefit the long-term health of our business, field, and, most significantly, our clientele.

Our investment advice on deferring taxes on exchange funds is always client-specific, as it should be. We rely on our business strategy experience and expertise to advise you on your unique situation while coordinating with other company partners and/or trusted advisors and real estate professionals to assist where our skills may fall short. The importance we place on our fiduciary duties is evident in our team's approach to our client's assets.

Our Breadth of Investment Advisory Solutions

While we are mainly a 1031 Exchange advisory firm, we offer clients the option to work with our strategic Qualified Intermediaries such as IPX 1031 for exchange services to assist with all your needs. All exchanges, forward exchanges, delayed exchanges, and reverse exchanges (reverse or improvement exchange). On occasion, we help clients seeking 1033 Exchange advice services.

As an investment advisory firm, we also help our clients with advice on the most suitable tax-deferral strategies, enabling them to put together portfolios that reflect their goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance. This type of deep insight comes from the thorough consultation process we follow.

We Empower You to Make Prudent Investment Decisions

Our systematic approach to money management services and our commitment to helping clients build a robust investment portfolio has made us one of the industry's most sought-after investment advisory firms. Our comprehensive knowledge of the 1031 IRS tax code draws in clients and motivates us to fulfill our daily purpose of working as a trusted investment advisory partner for reverse exchanges and investment property financing to help our clients realize their individual goals.

We instill deep confidence in our clients through our specialized financial advisory services approach to helping them manage their investments the way we manage our own. Our team makes it as straightforward as possible to create a financial strategy that enables you to answer complex and simple issues about money, tax deferrals, exchange property, and investments.

Pivot Professional Partners Helps You Keep Your Investment Planning On Course

We are aware that investors' risk levels vary, and it’s something we've observed for years. Since most people would rather deal with steadier returns and less volatility, we've honed down on tax-deferral and investment strategies that provide both. Our business planning services help clients maximize tax benefits, defer capital gains tax and stay on course through even the most challenging economic disruptions. Pivot Professional Partners looks forward to working closely with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

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