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To maintain existing investment positions while avoiding capital gains tax, investors who want to get the most out of their real estate investments regularly use a 1031 exchange to reinvest the profits from selling a property or business in another like-kind property. If you find a replacement property and sell or trade your current ownership of appreciated assets, such as stocks and real estate, for cash that can be used to lower taxes, the transaction is known as a 1031 exchange.

Choosing a reliable exchange company is essential to avoiding the Washington state law fines related to exchanging various securities back and forth outside of the legal window of time. Pivot Professional Partners is one of the top-notch 1031 exchange companies that offer top-quality exchange services. With Pivot Professional Partners as your 1031 exchange facilitator, performing a 1031 reverse exchange or complex exchanges is the ultimate option for business owners seeking a more intricate exchange, such as a reverse or improvement exchange.

Pivot Professional Partners is one of the leading national 1031 exchange companies that have proven and tested success as a service provider of title and settlement services, exchange services, complete settlement services, and risk solutions for real estate brokers and mortgage companies. With years of expertise and more than a million dollars in exchange transactions for clients, our team protects clients and offers tried and true strategic property exchanges.

Your Experts in 1031 Exchange Services

Pivot Professional Partners is a qualified intermediary with extensive knowledge and expertise in 1031 exchanges, an IRS-approved procedure enabling you to trade like-kind property while postponing tax obligations.

The experts at Pivot Professional Partners will demonstrate how a 1031 exchange enables you to switch between investments while maintaining your equity. Through a 1031 exchange, hold funds in a qualified escrow account or put the money from the sale of your rental property into a new investment to avoid paying taxes of up to a third on your gain. Pivot Professional Partners has facilitated a variety of complicated exchanges. Our team comprises contract law, banking, escrow, real estate, taxation, and investment research specialists.

1031 Exchange With Pivot Professional Partners

Investors and company owners can maximize tax benefits on real estate transactions using a 1031 exchange. You will access broader asset classes and higher returns for your subsequent project. Keep in mind that the IRS mandates that investors employ an intermediary for such exchanges and that all such transactions should be reviewed by a professional.

Due to its longevity, transaction volume, and individualized service, we make it simple for you to realize why a 1031 exchange with Pivot Professional Partners is the ultimate solution, even if the business operates a separate national office. With property owned overseas exchange, US taxpayers can exchange property for a like-kind property located overseas.

The following exchange services are included in our offerings:

  • Delayed exchange
  • Reverse exchanges
  • Foreign-owned property exchange
  • Strategic property exchanges LLC
  • All 1031 exchange services

Move Closer to Your Investment Goals With Pivot Professional Partners

Pivot Professional Partners is an American exchange company that can provide 1031 exchange tailored support to help you get closer to your investment goals. In addition, we help you in the investment property financing on the new property. Pivot Professional Partners offers a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets, real estate-related stock investments, and other assets tied to real estate, all of which are attractive from a risk-return standpoint.

As the nation's largest qualified intermediary, our goal at Pivot Professional Partners is to provide you with thorough information on section 1031 transactions, DST, and TIC investments while upholding our core values of honesty and integrity and going above and beyond to create unique solutions for each of our clients. Everything we do is motivated by the success of our clients.

Work With Us

Working with Pivot Professional Partners means collaborating with dependable experts. We have a history of making profitable property exchange deals with accredited investors with a combined annual income of over $300,000 and a net worth of over $1 million.

If Pivot Professional Partners is your exchange partner, your exchange will be financially successful and strategically sound since we are experienced in managing 1031 exchange replacement and investment properties. There are several options for replacing property, each with advantages and disadvantages. The presence of an expert specialist will help you better comprehend the properties that can be chosen and combined to accomplish your desired goals.

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