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1031 Tax Exchange

At Pivot Professional Partners, we recognize that property taxes concern every investor and recommend a 1031 exchange to defer your tax liability. This property investment opportunity can enhance the powerful benefit of real estate investing. It helps real estate investors defer capital gains tax and carry a more considerable investment into a newly acquired replacement property.

1031 Exchange as an Estate Planning Tool

A 1031 exchange is a great estate planning tool. Typically, capital gains taxes on the sale of valued real estate might reach 24% at the federal level and up to 12% at the state level. As a result, less money would be available for you to distribute or reinvest in a new property.

A 1031 exchange can enable you to keep the entire value of the exchanged property instead of selling it and paying taxes on the gains. Alternatively, you could trade your personal property or investment properties for tenancy-in-common (TIC) interests (more minor interests in larger properties.) You can defer paying taxes and increase your estate's options by executing a property exchange for a few TIC interests.

The Value of Working with Experienced 1031 Advisors

A 1031 exchange involves selling an investment property, which is a significant financial decision. The transaction almost always includes assets worth a lot of money and makes up a sizeable component of net worth. No matter the size of your exchange, we acknowledge and value this fact and partner with you to ensure you have the facts, insight, and guidance you need.

We offer analysis and research as part of our 1031 exchange advisory services. We help savvy real estate investors find eligible 1031 properties at a fair market value that complements their current investment strategy and works well with the rest of their portfolio.

We have significant experience with 1031 advisory services and replacement properties, like Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST), and can help you with these property transactions.

Our Role as Professional 1031 Tax Exchange Advisors

Pivot Professional Partners provides clients with complete advisory services for their 1031 exchanges. We aim to simplify the process and help you see the bigger picture while keeping your unique situation and financial goals in view at all times. 

A 1031 exchange involves several parties, such as sponsors, accountants, lawyers, etc. Each of them plays a crucial role in the exchange. You can use our expertise in 1031 advisory services, which stems from hundreds of completed replacement property transactions, to ensure your exchange runs smoothly. Our team is here to:

  • Help you make sense of a tricky process.
  • Show you how this exchange can help you defer capital gains taxes.
  • Listen to you and respond to your inquiries.
  • Be your sounding board.
  • Learn about you and provide the information you need.
  • Empower you to be confident in your choices.

Pivot Professional Partners – Your Trusted 1031 Exchange Advisor!

If you're considering a 1031 exchange, Pivot Professional Partners offers a free consultation to determine if it would suit your goals. You can schedule a consultation with the Pivot Professional Partners team through the Contact Us form to plan your 1031 exchange. If you prefer to discuss your requirements regarding investment real estate over the phone, feel free to speak with our experts at (561) 444-3371.

While a 1031 is considered a tax strategy, we are not tax advisors, and you should consult your tax professional before investing.

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