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Are you curious about the 1031 exchange? Do you need help getting started with our services or want to make your first personal property exchange? Let's start talking!

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We have experienced real estate investors and qualified 1031 experts at the other end of the screen, ready to answer all your questions. 1031 exchange is a complicated process with multiple moving parts and complex regulations surrounding it. It’s critical to seek expert opinion before diving into this area of real estate investment.

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Why Consider a 1031 Property Exchange

A 1031 exchange offers various advantages:

  • Deferred capital gains taxes: According to tax law, a 1031 exchange allows you to defer capital gains tax by rolling over the equity from a property sold into another like-kind investment property.

  • Diversify investment and business property: Utilizing a 1031 exchange allows investors to upgrade or diversify their investment portfolio by selling one property and reinvesting the proceeds into a replacement property.

  • Increased cash flow: An investor may sell a highly appreciated property that does not generate much income and reinvest the proceeds into a property with lower value, which produces higher rental income.

  • More control over tangible property pricing: In a reverse exchange, the timing of a sale and purchase can be controlled so that an investor can buy a property before selling their relinquished property. This would allow them to take advantage of a decrease in the real estate market.

  • Multiple residences: Many investors who take advantage of 1031 and like-kind exchanges will own several properties. Often, they will have at least three properties: their primary residence, a beach house or vacation home, and one property obtained strictly for investment purposes, like an apartment building, strip mall, or other revenue-generating location.

1031 Replacement Property Requirements

A 1031 exchange is known by many names, such as a like-kind exchange, Starker exchange, or simply, 1031. No matter what you call it, the general requirements for a 1031 exchange are the following:

  • The investment or business property that is exchanged must be held for commercial or investment use (i.e., a rental property or a vacation property).

  • The exchanged properties must be "like-kind." Like-kind property is defined as qualified personal property of similar nature and characteristics.

  • Only the qualified intermediary can receive the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished property.

Although the 1031 exchange applies to most investment properties, you cannot use it on stocks, bonds, trust certificates, and partnership interests. Because of this, you will mostly encounter 1031 on real estate properties.

Exchanging Investment Property Requires Expert Guidance

Get in touch with our qualified financial and real estate experts to learn more about how to get started with a 1031 exchange. Browse our extensive library of resources about the 1031 process, DST, and TIC investments.

At Pivot Professional Partners, we believe that our customer's success is also ours. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools, resources, and advice necessary to help you make sound investment decisions. Schedule an appointment now!


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